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August 22, 2017
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Painful TMJ/TMD difficulties can affect nearly every aspect of your life. Our Fall River, MA, dentist jaw painDr. Suhair Shamoon of Dentistry With a Smile discusses the condition and explains how dental treatment can help.

What is TMJ/TMD?

Temporomandibular joint disorder may be referred to as either TMJ or TMD. Both terms describe the same condition. TMJ/TMD affects the temporomandibular joints in your jaw that work like hinges. If you place your hands just below your ears, you'll feel the joints move when you open and close your mouth. A problem with the alignment of the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints is responsible for common TMJ/TMD symptoms. In some cases, it's impossible to determine the cause of the condition. In others, it's linked to injuries, arthritis, bite problems or nightly grinding or clenching.

What are the symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

TMJ/TMD causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Jaw pain and stiffness (Pain may increase when you chew, speak or yawn.)
  • Muscle tension and pain in your neck and upper back muscles
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Popping or clicking sounds when opening or closing your mouth
  • Jaw locking for a few seconds or longer when you open or close your mouth
  • Pain and pressure in your ears
  • Ringing or popping sensations in the ears
  • Difficulty chewing

How can my dentist help me?

After performing a complete examination in our Fall River office, we will recommend treatment options based on your symptoms and the cause of your condition. If TMJ/TMD is caused by a misaligned bite, orthodontic treatment offers an effective solution. As your braces gradually realign your teeth, your symptoms will improve.

Custom-made nightguards can reduce stress on your temporomandibular joint caused by grinding or clenching. The nightguards fit over your bottom teeth and absorb the brunt of the forces you generate when you grind your teeth. An oral splint may also be helpful. The splint repositions your jaw while you sleep, which can reduce stress and tension in your jaw muscles.

TMJ/TMD treatment can ease your pain. Call our Fall River, MA, dentist, Dr. Shamoon of Dentistry With a Smile, at (508) 672-6471 to schedule an appointment.

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June 30, 2017
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Have you always wondered why you have to come in for regular dental care?Breath, White Teeth

We’re pretty sure that everyone wants to keep their teeth and gums looking and feeling their best. After all, no one is impervious to decay and gum disease. Of course, you might be surprised to know just how many people don’t visit their dentist as regularly as you should. Find out why you should be visiting our Fall River, MA, dentist, Dr. Suhair Shamoon, about every six months if you aren’t doing so already.

Prevent Dental Problems

Throughout the day, plaque builds up on teeth thanks to the foods you eat. If you don’t brush or floss plaque away it will harden into tartar. Over time, decay and gum disease can happen if you aren’t careful or meticulous about your oral hygiene. Sadly, these issues don’t always present with symptoms so the only way to detect a cavity will be when you visit our Fall River general dentist for routine cleanings. Not only can we remove plaque and tartar buildup but we can also prevent decay from turning into a full-blown cavity through careful monitoring and special care.

Better Breath

Maintaining good oral health is the best way to ensure that you don’t face dragon breath throughout the day. After all, nothing is more embarrassing then having to hide your bad breath while chatting with clients or colleagues. You’ll enjoy fresher, nice breath not only by brushing and flossing regularly (and making sure you include your tongue when brushing your teeth) but also by visiting us so that we can provide the deep cleaning your smile needs.

A Whiter Smile

The foods and drinks we consume can really dull and damper our smile. If you love your morning cup o’ Joe then your smile may have lost a bit of its luster. No problem! By coming in for professional teeth cleanings every six months we can remove minor surface stains and give you a cleaner, more radiant smile.

Be Kind to Your Wallet

We know you lead a busy life, so sometimes it can be difficult to schedule those trips to the dentist, but what if we told you that by keeping up with these routine visits you could actually save yourself money in the long run? These cleanings and exams are the best way to protect your oral health against cavities, gum disease and infection. By providing your smile with the preventive care it needs to stay healthy you prevent the need for more expensive restorative dentistry treatments in the future.

Make sure your smile gets the proper care it deserves. Call Dentistry With a Smile today to schedule your next in Fall River, MA, visit with us. Caring for your smile doesn’t have to be difficult; we are here to help.

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May 16, 2017
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Orthodontic treatment is an important facet of dentistry aimed at correcting misaligned teeth and orthodonticscorrecting issues with the mouth’s bite. However, in the past, options for orthodontics boiled down to traditional metal braces and cumbersome brackets and wires. Modern dentistry has allowed for many more orthodontic options and subtle solutions. Learn more about orthodontics and if wearing braces could help you with Dr. Suhair Shamoon at Dentistry With A Smile in Fall River, MA.

What are my options for orthodontic treatment? 
Orthodontics have come a long way in the last few years. What began as metal brackets, wires and even headgear with traditional braces has evolved into several other, more subtle options. While traditional braces are still usually the most affordable option, patients can also choose for tooth-colored ceramic braces. Orthodontic aligner trays like Invisalign are another option. The trays are virtually invisible to others and totally removable, unlike other treatment options.

How can orthodontic treatment help me? 
Orthodontic treatment can do wonders for a person’s self-confidence. Straightening your teeth and correcting your bite issues to achieve a smile you love can make you feel great about the way you look. Straightening the teeth is also practical functionally. Eliminating overlapping teeth also eliminates tiny, tight spaces where toothbrush bristles or floss cannot reach. These areas are breeding grounds for bacteria and plaque, which cause tooth decay. Additionally, correcting bite issues aligns the biting surface of the teeth, allowing you to speak, eat and chew with ease and, in some cases, treating instances of certain conditions like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Orthodontic Treatment in Fall River, MA
Dentists usually recommend orthodontic treatment for children over the age of 12 and adults who are in good dental health and free of tooth decay and gum disease. Children younger than 12 may have still-growing mouths which could hinder treatment times or results. On the other hand, some cases use children’s still-growing mouths to benefit treatment, guiding the growth as it occurs. Your orthodontist can help you determine which treatment plan is best for you and your teeth.

For more information on orthodontic treatment, please contact Dr. Suhair Shamoon at Dentistry With A Smile in Fall River, MA. Call (508) 672-6471 to schedule your consultation for orthodontic treatment with Dr. Shamoon today!

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February 21, 2017
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Don’t let the thought of needing a root canal make you nervous.root canal

Has our Fall River, MA, dentist Dr. Suhair Shamoon recently told you that you need root canal therapy? If so, the thought of getting a root canal may make you a bit nervous and it’s no wonder with all the TV shows humorously displaying the torture and perils of dental procedures; however, we are here to tell you why you really shouldn’t be nervous about your upcoming root canal.

Root Canals Actually Eliminate Pain

That’s right! The purpose of any dental procedure isn’t to cause pain. A root canal is actually meant to remove the source of dental pain. Most people that require a root canal have come in to visit our Fall River, MA, general dentist because they were suffering from a pretty miserable toothache that didn’t seem to go away. Your toothache is caused by none other than the dental pulp, an internal structure that can become a literal pain if it faces trauma, infection or severe decay. By removing the dental pulp you will quickly say goodbye to your pesky toothache once and for all.

Your Tooth Will Be Numb

While root canals certainly have a bad reputation, these scary images harken to a time before modern dentistry. Between the amazing tools and techniques we offer, getting a root canal in this day and age is really no more invasive than treating a cavity. Plus, we will administer local anesthetic around the tooth so you won’t actually experience any discomfort. In fact, if you’ve been suffering from a pretty nasty toothache, this numbing action will provide you with the soothing relief you’ve needed.

You’ll Save Your Tooth

The purpose of a root canal is to save as much of the healthy tooth as possible, even if infection or decay has taken over. Nothing is as strong or as reliable as natural teeth, so it is always our goal to save a tooth whenever possible. By performing a root canal you could save your smile a lot of issues in the future. Once the root canal is complete, we will also place a dental crown over the tooth to ensure that the tooth is strong and functional.

Do you have questions about root canal therapy? Do you need to schedule an appointment with us? Here at Dentistry With A Smile in Fall River, MA, we are dedicated to your oral health. Call us for all of your dental concerns and needs.

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January 04, 2017
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Getting braces shouldn’t be confusing. We can help make it easier by answering your most burning questions.

Are you considering getting braces but aren’t sure you are ready to take the plunge? We completely understand. It can be difficult to orthodonticsmake the commitment if you aren’t sure what you are getting into. But our Fall River, MA, dentist, Dr. Suhair Shamoon, is about to take the guesswork out of it by answering some of your most popular questions.

Q. What are the benefits of orthodontics?

A. As you may be able to guess, having teeth that overlap or are crooked can make it more difficult to properly clean. Even the very best brushers and flossers may miss spots, which can increase your chances of decay and gum disease. Furthermore, braces can also improve your bite, which can take pressure off certain teeth to prevent damage.

Q. Am I too old for braces?

A. We never put an age limit on our patients when it comes to whether they can get braces or not. While children and teens tend to be our biggest demographic, we are also finding that more and more adults are getting braces later in life. It’s never too late to talk to our Fall River general dentist about braces.

Q. Can crooked teeth correct themselves?

A. Unfortunately, this is rarely ever the case. Usually by the age of six or seven, when the first set of permanent molars have grown in, there is even less room for teeth. This can lead to crowding and other issues that will often worsen if left untreated.

Q. I’m an adult. Is there a subtle way to straighten my teeth?

A. In fact, there is! While you’ve probably already heard of Invisalign, we are so happy to offer it to our teens and adults who don’t want to stress about wearing metal braces on their teeth. These clear, custom-fitted aligners fit completely around your teeth to shift them into place and they are accommodating to your lifestyle.

Q. Do braces hurt?

A. Braces don’t typically hurt. Of course, when you first get them or if traditional braces need to be tightened, there can be some temporary discomfort. Sometimes metal wires can irritate tissue. In most cases, we can handle these minor discomforts with over-the-counter pain relievers and analgesics.

Q. How long does orthodontic treatment last?

A. There are many factors that play into the length of your treatment. One major factor is the severity of your symptoms. For adults, Invisalign treatment usually takes about one year (often longer for teens). For traditional braces, the length of treatment can last anywhere from 12 to 30 months (and an average of 20 to 22 months).

Q. Will I need to wear a retainer?

A. Even once your braces are off, we want to make sure that your teeth don’t shift right back into their original place. To do this, you will need to wear retainers for a certain amount of time. Over time, you will only have to wear them when you go to bed. This will help to maintain your new beautifully aligned smile.

Dentistry With A Smile in Fall River, MA, prides itself on providing the very best dental care and treatments possible so that you have a smile you are proud of.

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