How Braces Improve Oral Health

Straight teeth are usually credited to a beautiful smile but there's more to straight teeth than a pretty smile. Crooked or mishappen teeth make it difficult for people to eat or speak properly and increase the risk of tooth decay. Dr. Suhair Shamoon of Dentistry With a Smile provides patients with preventative, restorative, and esthetic procedures, including braces, at her Fall River, MA, office.

About braces

Braces are used to straighten teeth. These orthodontic appliances apply slight pressure on the teeth, coaxing them into the right position over time.

There are two general types of braces:

Fixed Braces- The majority of patients wear fixed appliances. These metal braces are referred to as traditional metal braces and are very efficient in fixing serious or extreme problems, like large dental gaps. They are attached to teeth using metal bands or a special cement, but not everyone wants people to know they have braces on.

Other examples of fixed braces include:

  • Ceramic braces, which are an example of fixed braces that are less conspicuous. The brackets on the front side are tooth-colored so they blend in with natural teeth.
  • Lingual braces, that are truly invisible because they can be placed on the tongue side of teeth. They work the same way as traditional braces but are completely hidden.

Removable Braces- Older teens and adults in Fall River, MA, with less severe dental issues usually opt for removable braces. These removable clear aligners need to be worn approximately 22 hours per day. You can take them off while you eat and when you need to brush or floss your teeth. 

Would you like to speak with a dentist about braces?

To learn more about braces and which type works best for you, contact Dr. Shamoon of Dentistry With a Smile at her Fall River, MA, office. You can call her at (508) 672-6471 to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions.