Orthodontics Give You Healthier, Better Looking Teeth

How straightening your teeth can help your smile

Orthodontics certainly makes your smile look better by straightening your teeth, but did you know braces can also help your mouth be healthier? That’s right, when you wear braces you are on the road to better health for your smile. Dr. Suhair Shamoon at Dentistry With A BracesSmile in Fall River, Massachusetts wants you to know the many benefits and reasons why you should have orthodontic treatment.

With orthodontics from Dr. Shamoon, you can fix many tooth alignment and bite problems, which will make it much easier for you to keep your teeth clean and free of bacteria-laden plaque. Consider:

Crowded teeth make it harder to clean in between your teeth, and you will often get floss caught in between the tight areas between your teeth. When you can’t clean effectively, you are much more likely to get cavities, gum disease, and eventually, periodontal disease.

If you have twisted or rotated teeth, they are also more difficult to floss, with limited access to many areas. These areas are prone to soft tissue and bone loss, the beginning of periodontal disease.

When you have gaps or spaces between your teeth, chances are you will accumulate more plaque between your teeth. If you have bite problems like underbite, crossbite or open bite it can result in TMJ problems, pain, and trauma to your teeth. Tooth trauma may eventually result in the need for a root canal. You may also cause uneven wear patterns on your teeth, which are unsightly and may eventually result in the need for dental crowns to protect your teeth.

There are many reasons why orthodontics can give you healthier, better-looking teeth, and you owe it to yourself to discover your own reasons why orthodontics is right for you. Why settle for an imperfect smile which is difficult to keep clean, when a healthy, beautiful smile is just a phone call away? Make an appointment with Dr. Suhair Shamoon at Dentistry With A Smile in Fall River, Massachusetts and find out more about how orthodontics can protect your smile and your health. Call today!