Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

At Dentistry with a Smile, LLC in Fall River, Dr. Suhair Shamoon completes smile with leading-edge tooth replacements called dental implants. Made from biocompatible titanium metal, implants anchor single-tooth crowns or bridgework and dentures. Whatever your restorative need, the team can meet it so you function well and look great.

When you lose a tooth, the resulting smile gap detracts from your personal appearance, oral function, speech and something else you may not know about. It's jaw bone integrity. After dental extraction, the bone and gum tissue surrounding the empty socket deteriorates, losing size, shape and strength.

So, because of these bone changes, your other teeth will move toward the gap, and with substantial tooth loss, your bite height will change.

Restore your smile

Your dentist offers today's best tooth-replacement in her Fall River office. The dental implant eliminates unsightly gaps, and restores oral function and speech.

How does an implant do all that? The titanium implant bonds to your jawbone. As soon as Dr. Shamoon inserts the device into your jaw, osseointegration begins. Over the course of several weeks, the bone wraps around the implant, and the resulting new root is just as sturdy as a real one.

Dr. Shamoon completes a single-tooth dental implant with a metal extension post and a porcelain crown customized to your bite and smile. In the case of multiple implant placement, she adds a bridge or full denture.

You will bite, chew, smile, and speak just as if you never lost a tooth. Plus, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

It all happens in the office

Dr. Shamoon does a complete oral exam and takes X-ray imaging to determine if you can receive dental implants. Most critical to a successful placement is sufficient bone in the jaw to accept the implant. If the bone is thin, your dentist may graft donor bone into the site, allow it to integrate and then perform your implant surgery. From evaluation to placement to restoration of your implant, most of these treatments take a few months.

A wonderful, renewed smile

It can happen to you thanks to dental implants and the skills of Dr. Suhair Shamoon and her team at Dentistry with a Smile, LLC. Call her office in Fall River to arrange your implant consultation: (508) 672-6471.