Root Canal Treatment Restores Your Teeth

Root CanalWe've all heard negative comments about "having a root canal." Pain, extended treatment times, failure of the restoration--they are all part of an undeserved reputation of this important restorative dental service In fact, root canal treatment is a highly successful procedure that's comfortable and best of all, relieves pain and preserves the natural tooth.

Dr. Shamooon of Dentistry with a Smile performs root canal therapy to remove diseased soft tissue from the interior chambers or canals of teeth that are ailing due to:

  • injury
  • extensive decay and abscess
  • multiple restorations

Also called endodontic treatment, root canal therapy halts infection and provides stable, healthy tooth structure which is then covered by a filling or porcelain crown. With proper at-home hygiene and professional dental care, this restoration can last for years and help avoid tooth replacement options such as dental implants, bridgework and partial dentures. Patients's smiles look good, and they chew, bite and speak normally. Plus, with teeth preserved, patients avoid the bone recession and tooth misalignment common with extractions.

The Root Canal Procedure

The American Academy of Endodontics states that root canal therapy is, in essence, treatment for the inside of a tooth. To access the inner chambers, the Fall River, MA dentist drills a hole through the top of the tooth and down into one of 4 possible canals. Each canal contains nerves, blood supply and connective tissue. This soft tissue is important to the development of young teeth, but mature teeth function indefinitely without it.

Dr. Shamoon uses a series of small files to clean out the infected material and instills anti-microbial medication into the canal. She fills and seals it with gutta-percha, a rubbery substance which keeps bacteria from infiltrating the space. A temporary filling or crown tops the restored tooth until a permanent porcelain crown is installed at the next dental visit.

Despite what people thinks going into root canal therapy, patients come out about an hour later feeling better and looking forward to retaining their natural teeth for a long time. When the local anesthesia wears off, over the counter analgesics control the minor post-procedural discomfort.

Worried about a Tooth?

Don't procrastinate if you have a bothersome, painful tooth. Contact the team at Dentistry With a Smile for an appointment with Dr. Shamoon. Count on her expertise in caring for your oral health with a precise, compassionate and pain-free manner. Call (508) 672-6471.