The Advantages of Dental Implants

What's the finest tooth replacement available in Fall River, MA? It's the dental implant from Dentistry With a Smile. Dr. Suhair Shamoon expertly places these complete artificial teeth, giving patients the natural smile appearance, function, and longevity they deserve.

Dental implants and you

After tooth loss, you want the best way to fill that smile gap. With a dental implant, you have a complete solution. From roots to crown, your new tooth will look, act, and feel just like the real thing.

How can that be? A dental implant has three separate parts. The first part placed during oral surgery in our Falls River, MA, office is a titanium metal screw. This small device bonds with the jaw bone over the course of several weeks.

This process of osseointegration transforms the implant into a replacement tooth root. Unto that new root, Dr. Shamoon later attaches a metal alloy extension post and a porcelain crown made just for your unique smile.

Truly, dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement technology. Not only can your dentist span a narrow smile gap, but she can place two, four, or even six implants to support larger prosthetics such as bridgework and full dentures. Extraordinary.

The advantages of dental implants

There are many advantages to receiving dental implants, including:

1. Improved jaw bone size, width, and density

2. Natural smile appearance--no clasps, adhesives, or precision attachments

3. Maintenance of your facial contours (no facial sagging or premature wrinkles)

4. Strong biting force (almost as good as your natural teeth)

5. Permanent tooth replacement (dental implants usually last decades, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness)

6. Easy evaluation and well-tolerated oral surgery at Dentistry With a Smile

7. Simple day to day maintenance (just brush and floss to keep your new tooth clean and see your dentist for your usual cleaning and check-up every six months)

8. Improved self-confidence as you speak, smile, and laugh in public

Are you ready for dental implants?

Find out during a friendly exam and conversation with implant expert, Dr. Suhair Shamoon at Dentistry With a Smile in Fall River, MA. Phone us today at (508) 672-6471.