The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

As time goes on, your pearly whites can begin to appear dull. However, teeth whitening in Fall River, MA, from your dentist Dr. Suhair Shamoon of Dentistry With A Smile, LLC could save the day.

It Can Boost Your Confidence

If your teeth discolorations have forced you to stay tight-lipped, teeth whitening can give you a confidence boost. Teeth whitening can break down teeth stains caused by food, drinks, or cigarettes so that you can have your confidence back. You can smile brightly or give that speech without feeling self-conscious.

It Can Improve Your Appearance

Discolored teeth can look unappealing. Teeth whitening can get rid of your teeth stains so that you don't have to edit your teeth to appear brighter in photos anymore.

It's Quicker

If you've tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you'll probably find that it could take a while for you to see results. Also, you might not get dramatic results. On the other hand, teeth whitening with your Fall River, MA, dentist will give you better results. Professional teeth whitening gel contains a stronger bleaching agent that gets your teeth several shades brighter. In-office teeth whitening can also get your teeth brighter in about an hour.

It's Guaranteed

When your dentist determines that your teeth stains can benefit from professional teeth whitening, you can be assured of your results. You might find that generic teeth whitening products may give you uneven results or take a lot longer to work.

It's Safer

Trying to whiten your teeth at home without your dentist's guidance can be bad for your teeth and gums. At your dentist's office, she'll protect your gums and other soft tissue in your mouth from the teeth bleaching gel. By ensuring that the teeth bleaching agent stays on your teeth alone, your dentist protects other tissues from damage.

Customized Treatment

Teeth whitening from your dentist can get you the specific degree of whiteness you want and in the areas you need it. With your dentist, you can customize your teeth whitening treatment to suit your preferences.

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