Why Dental Implants Restore Your Smile For Good

Have you got teeth that are missing from your mouth, leaving a vacant space that's as unsightly as it is hindering to the success of your smile? Whether it's because of excessive tooth decay or a major fall or accident, losing your teeth can do wonders for the grin Dental Implantsyou're in as well as for your confidence-- and not in a good way.

At Dentistry with a Smile, LLC, you'll get expert dental care from the helpful oral specialists on site who will stop at nothing to achieve full restoration with your smile. No matter the reason for your missing teeth, they'll be happy to assist you in getting them back, providing only the safest, most effective long-term solutions for every smile that crosses their path.

The best method for bringing that smile back to your mouth when you've got missing teeth is with dental implants, which are titanium screw-shaped structures that are surgically placed into patients' jawbones and act as a tooth root until it fully integrates with the bone.

After the implant has been placed, it is topped with an implant crown made from porcelain, creating a completely real-looking artificial tooth. This finalizes the process of restoring your smile to the days of old, allowing you to feel an immediate uptick in confidence again as you proudly show off a beautiful grin that's all your own!

If getting a dental implant is what you need to rejuvenate your lacking smile, then it's time you gave one of the trusted dental associates at Dentistry with a Smile, LLC, a call today at (508) 672-6471 and did your mouth a lasting favor! After all, you should never be without a winning smile-- so find out for yourself why only a full set of pristine teeth lies ahead for your future grins right here in Fall River, MA!