Why Flossing is Important

Learn more about the art of flossing and how it could protect your smile for the rest of your life.

You’ve probably heard your Fall River, MA dentist, Dr. Suhair Shamoon ask you if you’ve been flossing whenever you come in for your Flossing six-month checkup. There is a reason she asks. Find out why!

Why do we floss?

Some people think that if food isn’t actually stuck between their teeth that there is no reason to floss. Think again! Flossing isn’t designed to remove that pesky piece of apple from between your teeth. It’s actually meant to get rid of plaque, the sticky substance created by bacteria in the mouth that is found on teeth and around the gumline. By flossing everyday you are removing plaque buildup, which can cause serious issues for your smile if left on your teeth.

Why should I floss?

Flossing is a key component to everyone’s oral hygiene (or at least it should be). Here are some of the big reasons why you should consider flossing if you aren’t doing so already.

Flossing and brushing is more effective than just brushing alone: If you brush your teeth twice a day then you may think you don’t actually need to floss, but you’re wrong. While brushing every day is a great way to maintain healthy teeth, the bristles cant get in between the teeth or under the gums like floss can. Together flossing and brushing can give you an even more effective clean than just brushing.

It’s good for your gums: Flossing is crucial for cleaning the space where the gums and teeth meet. Small pieces of food can easily get stuck in these areas and begin to form plaque. If you don’t floss, this plaque quickly turns to tartar. If you don’t see your Fall River, MA dentist for routine cleanings than this tartar buildup can cause gingivitis, the earliest form of gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth and bone loss.

It keeps certain diseases at bay: If you have tooth or gum problems these issues can start to affect your overall health. Research has found that the harmful bacteria in our mouth can also affect the rest of our body, which can lead to serious conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. There is also a link between gum disease and heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in America. Just by flossing a few minutes a day you could be protecting your health for the long-term.

It prevents tartar buildup: If plaque is left to sit on teeth it will continue to buildup until it turns into tartar. This hard buildup can’t be removed through flossing or regular brushing. The only way to effectively get rid of tartar is by seeing your Fall River, MA dentist for a professional cleaning. However, you can prevent tartar from forming in the first place by flossing every day.

If it’s time for your six-month cleaning, don’t be shy. Give Dentistry with a Smile a call today. We would be happy to schedule your next routine visit.