You Don't Have to Just Deal With Damaged Teeth

Unfortunately, some people think that they have to just deal with damaged teeth—even if they affect the whole smile. But there are a damaged teethnumber of solutions available at the office of Dentistry With a Smile in Fall River, MA that can fix damaged teeth and improve the quality of your smile. 

Damaged Teeth
When a tooth is damaged, it is often due to injury or infection. Sometimes the damage is due to enamel erosion that progresses over time after eating highly acidic foods and not maintaining good oral care. When you have a damaged tooth, the best course of action is to have it fixed up as soon as possible. But even if you’ve had a damaged tooth for a while, it could be saved and shored up with the help of your Fall River, MA dentist Dr. Suhair Shamoon.

Dental Fillings and Cosmetic Bonding
When a tooth has minor damage, like a cavity that needs to be filled, composite resin fillings can help. This dental treatment is effective, affordable and can be administered in one convenient appointment. After the damaged tooth is disinfected of bad bacteria, it’s covered with the filling material, which will last for 15 years or longer. If you have minor damage to a tooth that has been chipped, a composite material can also fix the problem. 

Crowns and Veneers
When tooth damage is more advanced, crowns or veneers may be needed. A veneer covers up the surface of a tooth that is ill-shaped, severely discolored or eroded. The veneer makes the tooth look brand new and requires minimal tooth prep. When a tooth is injured, cracked, broken or protruding out of place, a crown can correct the problem. More of the damaged tooth material is removed, and the crown is created to completely cover the surface. 

Fixing Your Teeth
Let Dr. Suhair Shamoon at Dentistry With a Smile in Fall River, MA help fix your teeth and give you a much better smile this year. Call (508) 672-6471 today to schedule a consultation appointment.