Diabetes and Oral Health

If you are a patient with diabetes, come to Dentistry With A Smile, LLC, where our dentist can educate you on ways to keep your oral health on track. We understand that diabetes can be hard to live with, and we want to make life easier for you by making sure your teeth are as they should be. Call Dr. Suhair Shamoon at 508-672-6471 to learn more about diabetes and oral health in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Diabetics are more prone to oral infections like gum disease, which can make it harder for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels. These diseases act as an interconnected two-way street: Diabetes lowers the body’s resistance to infection, which can lead to gum disease. Untreated gum disease increases the chance that your blood sugar levels will get worse over time, making you prone to more severe health complications. That is because both diseases are associated with the process of immune response and inflammation. Inflammation — signaled by heat, pain and redness — is evidence of the body’s immune system attempting to fight disease.

Luckily, diabetes and gum disease are easily manageable through blood glucose control and good oral hygiene habits. If you are looking for advice on what you can do more often to help ensure your oral health, talk to Dr. Suhair Shamoon at your next appointment. We will be happy to help!