Stress, Oral Habits & Oral Health

Sometimes stress can cause teeth grinding, which Dr. Suhair Shamoon can treat at Dentistry With A Smile, LLC. If you suffer from bruxism, our dentist can give you the tools to protect your teeth from wearing down and to give you a better night’s sleep. Call us at 508-672-6471 to schedule your bruxism treatment in Fall River, Massachusetts!

Teeth grinding and clenching can be a manifestation of stress, just like skin breakouts or stomach ulcers. It can also be a symptom of misaligned teeth, bite problems, and stimulation substances like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or abusive drugs. Teeth grinding usually happens at night while you sleep, so you may not be aware you have it until your teeth begin to wear down. Bruxism can also lead to broken teeth, headaches and TMJ, along with other health problems.

If you suffer bruxism due to any of these symptoms, it can easily be manageable through small lifestyle changes like exercise or meditation. If you require a night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep, Dentistry With A Smile, LLC can help. Call us to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you! We are here to help you protect your health and smile, and we are happy to help.