Internal Teeth Whitening

If your tooth begins to discolor from trauma, you may want to call our dentist at 508-672-6471. Depending on the reason for discoloration, Dr. Suhair Shamoon can give you the proper treatment to give you your smile back. Come see us at Dentistry With A Smile, LLC if you have a traumatized tooth and need internal teeth whitening in Fall River, Massachusetts.

As many as a quarter of Americans have experienced a dental trauma, be it from an accident, sports injury or even a previous orthodontic procedure. Patients who have had root canals in the past may see their tooth begin to discolor months or even years after the procedure. While surface stains can easily be removed to brighten your smile, traumatized teeth may react differently to whitening methods.

Sometimes a tooth yellowing from the inside means that the nerve endings may be dying. If this is the case, our dentist can look at the tooth through X-rays to diagnose the problem, then perform a root canal to remove the infected tissue. Then she can provide internal bleaching to whiten your tooth again, which can take up to four visits. If you have a discolored tooth, we invite you to come see our dentist for treatment by calling us at 508-672-6471.