Bad Breath Treatment

If you suffer from bad breath, there are ways it can be treated, though sometimes it can be a sign of tooth decay. Schedule a visit at Dentistry With A Smile, LLC with Dr. Suhair Shamoon so that our dentist can look at your teeth to make sure that everything is healthy. Learn more about bad breath treatment in Fall River, Massachusetts, by calling us at 508-672-6471 to schedule a dental exam.

Bad breath is common from having leftover food particles in your mouth, which can catch between the teeth and around the gums. These food particles are processed by oral bacteria, which leave volatile sulfur compounds resembling rotten eggs in their waste products. The most common place for these bacteria to congregate is the back of the tongue, where they feed off of the food remnants, dead skin cells and postnasal drip.

Bad breath can also be caused by other factors such as tobacco use, sinus infection, diabetes, kidney failure, liver malfunction, chronic dry mouth from medications, stress, dieting and hormonal changes. However, bad breath can also be a result of tooth decay, infection or gum disease, which we encourage you to address by coming to see us at our dental practice for treatment.

You can combat bad breath with regular oral hygiene habits, as well as coming in to see us for a professional teeth cleaning or treatment for tooth decay. We invite you to schedule your next appointment with us to make sure your teeth are healthy so that your breath is fresh and clean.